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    Volume 6 Number 5 September 2021

Online Instructional Scaffolding and Needs Satisfaction in COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from University Students in Ghana

Pages: 71-85
Authors: Dandy George Dampson*,Inuusah Mahama,Stephen Antwi-Danso,Peter Eshun,Richardson Addai-Mununkum
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every aspect of education including lecturers and students’ engagements. Therefore, this study investigated the effect of online instructional scaffolding on needs satisfaction as experienced by regular undergraduate students in Ghana. Using the descriptive-quantitative research design, the study surveyed 738 students using an online learning platform (VClass). The students were asked to respond to the adapted online instructional scaffolding scale developed by Cho and Cho (2016) and the needs satisfaction scale developed  by Johnston and Finney (2010). The data gathered with the adapted scales were analyzed quantitatively using frequencies and percentages and standard linear regression. The study revealed that the majority of the students experienced low levels of online instructional scaffolding (n=259; 35.1%) and needs satisfaction (n=254; 34.4%). Also, it was found that online instructional scaffolding significantly predicted the need satisfaction of students (?=.45, p=.000). It was concluded that the low levels of online instructional scaffolding and needs satisfaction experienced by students are probable precursors to low academic engagement and commitment. Therefore, there is the need to re-orient both lecturers and students to the benefits of online learning so that they could maximize its usage.

Research on the Construction of Normalization Mechanism of Graduate Education Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Under the Background of Quality-Oriented Enrollment Expansion

Pages: 61-70
Authors: Weili Hu
Since the reform and opening up, with the economic and social development and industrial demand, the scale of graduate education in China has been expanding. According to the average annual growth rate of enrollment scale, it can be divided into three stages: recovery development, rapid development and steady growth. In 2020, the executive meeting of the State Council made the decision and deployment of graduate enrollment expansion. This quality-oriented enrollment expansion further highlights the risk challenges of the monitoring and evaluation of graduate education quality, and puts forward higher requirements for the monitoring and evaluation of graduate education quality. By strengthening the construction of monitoring and evaluation system, improving the monitoring and evaluation index system, enriching the monitoring and evaluation methods, and reasonably using the monitoring and evaluation results, the normalization mechanism of graduate education quality monitoring and evaluation with Chinese characteristics, in line with international trends, adapting to the needs of the industry and ensuring the training quality, is constructed.

Cognitive Linguistics and Vietnamese Language Teaching

Pages: 56-60
Authors: Phuong Nguyen Hoang
Vietnamese language teaching, or language teaching in general, is not out of serving the purpose of helping language learners understand, perceive and use that language the most accurately and efficiently as possible. In the process of the teacher’s teaching and the learners’ perceiving, there always appear the language barriers, the differences between the two languages, the two cultures that cause a lot of difficulties for both the learners and the teacher. This article proposes a method to deal with those difficulties, suggests some tips for language teaching based on the theory of Cognitive Linguistics in order to serve the best, the ultimate goal of language teaching and learning.

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