Noble International Journal of Economics and Financial Research

Online ISSN: 2519-9730 | Print ISSN: 2523-0565


    Volume 8 Number 1 March 2023

Practical Scientific Methods of Problem Identifications for Economists Researchers

Pages: 01-28
Authors: Ntogwa N. Bundala
This paper examined the practical scientific methods of problem identification for economic researchers by considering the weakness of the existing literature on the economic field. Hence, this paper extracts the relevant practical scientific methods that overcome the current methodological weakness of identifying the research problem. In that sense, the study used the critical literature review methodology. Specifically, the paper introduces the new definition of a research problem as the scientifically identified dissatisfactions about the individuals or societal issues a researcher wants to study/research or find the solution (satisfactions). Uniquely, the paper introduces the concepts of Bundala coefficients of experience and experience mean-odds as statistics analytic methods to identify research problems based on the individual’s experience. Moreover, the paper introduces the concepts of Relative-Mean Ratio (RMR), Relative-Standard Deviation Ratio (RSDR), Treatment-Control Mean (TCM) ratio, Mean-Odds Ratio (MOR) and Treatment-Control Standard Deviation (TCS) ratio. These new statistical methods for analysing the research problem in experimental research design are termed analytics techniques for problem identification. The paper concludes the appropriate or proper definition of the selected or identified research problem should reflect either individual or societal dissatisfaction. Hence, the article recommended adopting these developed scientific ways/methods of determining the research problem for economics and non-economic studies and other research boards because the research is the pre-request for effective decisions in any setting/organisation.

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