Noble International Journal of Business and Management Research

Online ISSN: 2520-4521 | Print ISSN: 2522-6606


    Volume 4 Number 11 November 2020


Pages: 111-116
Authors: EsuhOssai-Igwe Lucky, PhD
Nigerian economy is believed to be the largest in Africa yet it is still confronted with a very high rate of unemployment particularly among its youths. Government continued emphasise on self-employment and reliance appear not to be yielding the expected results even with the introduction of entrepreneurial training programmes both in the higher institutions and in National Youth Service programme. Many of them are still craving for salary paid jobs rather than becoming self-employed after their graduation. Experts as well as academics believed that lack of entrepreneurial skills among this group possess a huge challenge to self-employment. Given this background, the present study examined the relationship between entrepreneurial skills and self-employed intention among the National Youth Service members at Agbara, Ogun State, Nigeria. The study employed survey questionnaire design with a population of 315 Corp members serving at Agbara. The study adopted a social media platform in particular WhatsApp procedure to distribute and retrieve the copies of the questionnaires,  were out of 315 copies of questionnaire sent out, only 152 were returned filled, however, only 148 were usable. The questionnaire data which is primary source was analysed using the SPSS version 21 and the finding revealed that entrepreneurial skills are significantly and statically related to self-employed intention among the Corp members at Agbara zone. The study therefore concludes that entrepreneurial skills such as capability, knowledge, training etc. are vital to achieving ones dream of becoming self-employed. Discussions on finding, implications of the study and suggestions for future research are provided.

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