Noble International Journal of Business and Management Research

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    Volume 6 Number 1 March 2022

Examining the Customer Satisfaction Regarding Service Quality of Mercantile Bank Limited

Pages: 17-24
Authors: Shamima Aktar, Md. Abdul Latif Mahmud
In the era of globalization the demand of the customers is changing rapidly. Nowadays the banking sectors are playing a significant role to provide better service quality to the customers in the competitive market. The main objective of this study is to examine customer satisfaction regarding the service quality of MTB bank limited in Bangladesh. This study is quantitative and exploratory in nature and the targeted population was the customers of Elephant Road, Corporate Branch of Mercantile Bank Limited. The simple random sampling technique has been used for this study purpose. All variables were measured using a 5-point Likert scale in which 5 represented strongly agree to 1 which is strongly disagreeing. The primary data were collected by using a survey questionnaire. The study accomplished that quality service is an important factor to satisfy customer needs and wants. In the world of the global economy, the banking sector needs have become more diverse and exotic than ever before. So, Mercantile Bank Limited should focus on service quality to satisfy their customers in every dimension of service quality.

Covid-19 and Consumer Behavior

Pages: 1-16
Authors: Yakup Durmaz, Meral Gezici
Consumer behavior is one of the topics that companies, especially Sundays, should focus on, learn by analyzing. The best understanding of the process of consumers buying and receiving interest in a product has an important role at the stage of developing marketing and sales strategies. There are many different criteria that affect consumers ’ decisions in the shopping process. Human-oriented and ongoing scientific research on human behavior reveals that individual behavior is not only governed by the mind, it is also governed by emotions. In this study, factors affecting consumer and consumer behavior in a positive and negative way were analyzed, and at the same time, the extent to which advertising and social media affect consumer behavior and the effect of shopping malls on consumer behavior were tried to be explained.

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