Noble International Journal of Business and Management Research

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    Volume 5 Number 3 March 2021

An Assessment of the Impact of Credit Risk Management and Performance on Loan Portfolio at International Bank Liberia

Pages: 55-64
Authors: Alvin Boye Dolo
This research entitled “An Assessment of the impact of credit risk management and performance on loan portfolio at International Bank Liberia Limited from 2015-2017 contributed to the body of knowledge to the beneficiaries. It findings are also important for the Central Bank to use in monitoring credit scoring and history across all commercial bank with in the country. This study was quantitative in nature, and involves mathematical modelling in order to determine the effect of changes in interest rates on profit and net worth of the sampled banks. This study uses panel data and assumes that the effect of interest rate changes vary across the observations and over time, therefore the use of stochastic econometric (panel regression analysis) process is appropriate. The population of the study will consist of 150 credit staffs and other staffs of IBLL. The study adopt a census study and collect data for two years from 1st January, 2015 to 31st December, 2017 and the researcher used sample out 85 respondents representing 57% as the sample size from the population of 150 persons from the study area. The findings reveals that it was established from the study that 25% of the respondents who were picked from the institution agreed that credit score is one of the major system used by the bank in determining loan and 32% selected credit history. It was also observed that that bank operate within a defined credit granting criteria.  The findings also show that IBLL established a system of independent, ongoing assessment of the bank’s credit risk management.  It was proven that 48% of the respondents agree while 41% strongly agree. It was established that IBLL have a loan risk management policy in place. This policy is very crucial in providing guidelines on how to manage the various risks the bank encounter in their lending activities. Members of the bank and regulators are those responsible for the formulation of the credit policy with less input from employees.

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