Noble International Journal of Scientific Research

Online ISSN: 2521-0246 | Print ISSN: 2523-0573


    Volume 2 Number 7 July 2018

Strain and Thermal Effects on Magnetic Hysteresis of a Modified JA-SW Model

Pages: 42-48
Authors: Zizheng Guo, Chudong Xu, Weiqing Jia, Jun Liu
The JA (Jiles-Atherton) - SW(Stoner-Wohlfarth ) model is extended to include the strain or stress anisotropy. With the improved model, the strain and thermal effects on magnetic hysteresis loss are studied. Interesting results are shown in two aspects. Firstly, a transition-like behavior is found for the temperature dependent hysteresis loss (or more precisely, the hysteresis curve area). Secondly, as the magnitude of strain anisotropy increases, the hysteresis loss decreases initially and then increases, resulting in a valley structure of the curve of the strain dependent hysteresis loss. The results are compared with those of literature and the differences between them are discussed.

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