Noble International Journal of Scientific Research

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    Volume 5 Number 2 June 2021

Space Debris Mitigation and the Brazilian Foreign Space Policy

Pages: 16-21
Fernanda Diógenes Gomes Vieira, Raphael de Almeida Leitão*, Dr. Afonso Farias de Sousa Júnior, Dr. Murillo de Oliveira Dias

This article addressed the importance of adopting space debris mitigation strategies based on Brazilian government policy. Key findings pointed out that space debris is an issue with social, environmental, and economic impacts on global scale. Additionally, the Brazilian Government guarantees national security and establishes its aerospace sovereignty. Findings pointed out the relevance of space debris mitigation as a crucial government policy to address the creation of general Brazilian space law, as well as the opportunity for investments in the space sector as a whole in order to provide the training of civilians and military in the development of equipment to remedy the problem. Discussion on case implications and future research recommendations compile the present work.

Drug Tragedies: The Dark Epoch of Clinical Prosecutions That Made Manhood Mysterious Fatalities

Pages: 10-15
Hindustan Abdul Ahad*, Chinthaginjala Haranath, Akkinepalli Anoohya, Janaki Tejaswini, Kuruva Veeresh

Today, the highest importance is given to the patient’s safety and ethics during the clinical trials. The regulatory authorities take each and every aspect into consideration to protect the safety, rights and consent of the subjects during the phases of clinical trials. Besides the applications like IND, NDA further strengthen these above parameters. However, all these safety measures are a result of our previous experiences in history such as Thalidomide tragedy, Sulphanilamide disaster, Nazi’s experiments, Tuskegee syphilis studies. All these disasters are due to unethical behavior, lack of knowledge on safety, no keen idea on pharmacovigilance, no proper data storage, inexperience etc., which led to many disasters resulting in the deaths of many innocent lives and some permanent damage to the persons consuming these drugs either by force or voluntarily. This article mainly focuses on the drug tragedies and drugs introvert from the market, due to the lack of knowledge on clinical trials.

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