Noble International Journal of Scientific Research

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    Volume 2 Number 6 June 2018

Climate Smart Agriculture System – As a Review

Pages: 33-41
Authors: Fawzy , Z.F, Li Yunsheng,  Shaymaa I, Shedeed, A.M  El-Bassiony
Smart Climate Agriculture (CSA) is an approach used in agriculture to achieve the highest agricultural productivity of horticultural and field crops while preserving natural resources for future generations and also to minimize greenhouse gas emissions as well as adapting to future climate change. Therefore, the main objective of applying the climate smart farming approach is to improve the farming system in both developing and developed countries. The application of smart climate agriculture at the global level ensures the achievement of several important objectives, including maximizing the use of natural resources and improving the productivity and quality of horticultural crops and field and obtain good fruits safe and healthy and clean the domestic production and export to foreign markets, Climatically minimizes emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and others and achieves the sustainability of the agro-ecosystem. Climate smart agriculture is an approach aimed at improving the farming system. Therefore, the components of smart agriculture are climatically expressed as traditional conventional agriculture, excluding roads that lead to the depletion of natural resources, as well as avoidance of malpractice practices such as excessive use of chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers and CSA, good tools and good farming systems that increase productivity and quality without depleting natural resources such as good agricultural practices, biogas and organic systems, which in turn depend on bio-fertilization and To improve the agricultural land and natural resources of the land as well as improve the quality of the final agricultural product. To conclude, Climate Smart Agriculture is a productive agro-ecosystem which might be very resilient and adaptive to climate change scenarios.

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