Noble International Journal of Scientific Research

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    Volume 7 Number 1 March 2023

Fuzzy Logic Control Method of HVAC Equipment for Optimization of Occupants’ Thermal Comfort in Apartment

Pages: 08-18
Authors: Azmol Ahmed Fuad*, Sultan Uddin Khan, Mohammed Mynuddin
In this paper, the primary focus of this study is to design an HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system based on the fuzzy logic controller. Most of the studies done so far in this field barely focus on feedback from the occupants of an apartment. We have given the highest priority to the occupants’ thermal comfort when designing our system. The Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy inference system has been applied in our model to get desired output. We have modeled the system in MATLAB Simulink and simulate it for three minutes. The simulation result shows that the system maintains a comfortable temperature and relative humidity throughout the simulation. To observe the functionality of our model, we vary the number of occupants and the room size during simulation.

On the Some Foundations and Achievements of Energy Structure Theory

Pages: 01-07
Authors: Saeed Shahsavari*, Farzad Soleymani, Mehrdad Jiryaei
This paper, from the energy and entropy perspective as well as from the perspective of the classical and general physics, investigate some of the foundations as well as achievements of the energy structure theory. It has been shown in different references that this theory can provide a big range of application from the classical mechanics domain to general physics. Energy Structure Theory can be known as a unified thermodynamics theory because of the basis of its equations that have the first and second laws of thermodynamics as their basis in a unique equation that known as energy structure equation. Energy structure equation is defined in the energy space of the physical systems, and can formulate all performed processes using energy components of the considered system so that, in fact, the first and second laws of thermodynamics are satisfied together by the relevant energy structure equation provided to the considered physical system.

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