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Recent Articles

    Authors: Bilal Ahmad Bhat, Syed Sabahat Ashraf, Shazia Manzoor, Samira Khan, Shayesta Rahi, Nusrat, Sidrat-Ul-Muntaha Anees, Sumaira Rashid
    Pages: 21-32
    Authors: Kakuro Amasaka
    Pages: 01-20
  • “Novel Technology for Artificial Rainmaking by Laser System through Air Craft in the Atmospheric Clouds Initiation Endothermic Reactions, in A Way of Natural Lightning Phenomena, in the Atmosphere”
    Authors: Shivshankar K. Chopkar, D.K. Chakrabarty
    Pages: 90-97
  • Characterization of Proteins in Defatted Flour and Protein Isolate of Baobab (Adansonia Digitatal) Seeds
    Authors: Darbe, J. Wukatda, Tange, A. Emmanual
    Pages: 78-89
  • Extraction and Visible Absorption of Sorghum Bicolour Dye and Its Fastness Qualities on Textile Substrate in Exhaustion Emersion
    Authors: Nkem A. Udeani, P. M. Dass, Dauda A. Milila
    Pages: 71-77
  • Potential Use of Coal Bottom Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete
    Authors: Aliyu Usman, Nura Bala, Ashiru Mohammed, Muhammadu Bello Ibrahim, Kabir Isma’il Wurgi
    Pages: 60-70
  • Water Requirement for Maize Production in Lake Geriyo Irrigation Scheme Yola, Adamawa State, Northeastern Nigeria
    Authors: B. A. Ankidawa, I. Vanke
    Pages: 49-59
  • Strain and Thermal Effects on Magnetic Hysteresis of a Modified JA-SW Model
    Authors: Zizheng Guo, Chudong Xu, Weiqing Jia, Jun Liu
    Pages: 42-48
  • Climate Smart Agriculture System – As a Review
    Authors: Fawzy , Z.F, Li Yunsheng,  Shaymaa I, Shedeed, A.M  El-Bassiony
    Pages: 33-41
  • Agronomic Characteristics and Yield Response of Three Cultivars of Tomato Treated With Two Sources and Three Levels of Fertilizers
    Authors: Ajibola Adebukola, Simon Nengak Deshi, Yakubu G. Marroh, Iliya G. Goyit, Samuel Tanko  Dayok
    Pages: 27-32
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