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    Volume 3 Number 9 September 2018

A Study on Consumption Pattern, Constraints and Marketing Problems of Fish in District Srinagar of Kashmir Valley

Pages: 71-77
Authors: Bilal Ahmad Bhat, M. H. Balkhi, Shazia Manzoor, SabeehaYaqoob, Nusrat, Asifa Ali
The present study was carried out in district Srinagar, the world famous place and summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir State with the purpose to understand consumer’s behavior and constraints faced by fish consumers in district Srinagar of Kashmir valley. Fish is one of the most important sources of animal protein, vitamins, minerals and has been widely accepted as a good source of protein and other elements for the maintenance of healthy body. It is an extremely perishable commodity and quality losses can occur very rapidly after catch. Data for the present study was collected from 400 respondents during 2017-18 using a well-designed validated questionnaire.  The results obtained from our study revealed that 21.75% of the consumers bought fish occasionally, 33.75% once a month, 12.25% twice a month, 4.25% twice a week, 8.25% once a week and 19.75% once a year. It was observed that 87.5% respondents consume fish for taste, 71.5% for freshness, 52.5% for nutrition purpose, 49.5% for health benefits, 43.5% for less bone, 19.5% for Odour, 12.5% for flavour, 11.5% for easy to cook, and 5.5% for appearance. Further, it was observed that majority of the respondents (39.5%) had no preference, 24.5% preferred Carp, 22.5% preferred Trout and 13.5% preferred Schizothorax. The consumption pattern of fish is related to consumer’s socio-economic status and education level of the family head.  Scarcity of fish, Lack of retail units in neighborhood, Wide price fluctuations, High price, Lack of quality/hygiene and Long distance travel to fetch fish are the main constraints fish consumer face in district Srinagar of Kashmir valley. Finally, benefits of fish consumption, and marketing problems of fish and fish as income generating opportunity for poor people in the state of Jammu and Kashmir were discussed.

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