Noble International Journal of Social Sciences Research

Online ISSN: 2519-9722 | Print ISSN: 2522-6789


    Volume 5 Number 7 July 2020


Pages: 102-113
Authors: Ozoko Emmanuel Eberechukwu*, Ede, Titus Eguji
The study evaluated the effect of learning on the product quality of chemical and pharmaceutical firms in Enugu State, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to: examine the effect of employee absorbed knowledge on the standard product of manufacturing firms in Enugu State, ascertain the effect of employee undergoing a process on the features of manufacturing firms in Enugu State, Nigeria and determine the effect of employee retention of knowledge on the reliability of the product of manufacturing firms in Enugu State. The study used the survey approach. The primary sources were personal interview and the administration of questionnaire.  A population of 3,418 staff was used. The population of the study was drawn from the staff of these organizations under study using a stratified sampling method. To determine the adequate sample size of 346, using Freund and William’s statistic formula.  326 staff returned the questionnaire and accurately filled. That gave 94 percent response rate. The validity of the instrument was tested using content analysis and the result was good. The reliability was tested using the Pearson correlation coefficient (r). It gave a reliability co-efficient of 0.77 which was also good. The hypotheses were analyzed using Z- test statistics tool. The findings indicated that employee absorbed knowledge has positive effect on standard product of manufacturing firms in Enugu State Z (95, n = 346) = 5.635, p > 0.05, Employee undergoing a process has positive effect on the features of manufacturing firms in Enugu State, Z (95, n = 346) = 5.819, p > 0.05, employee retention of knowledge has positive effect on the reliability of products of manufacturing firms in Enugu State. Z (95, n = 346) = 5.984, p > 0.05. The study concluded that learning was one of the organizational values, systems and practices that supports and encourages both individuals, and the organization to increase knowledge, competence and performance levels on an ongoing basis. The study recommended that inspection technique has to be maintained to facilitate the utilization of best practices and among others.

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