Noble International Journal of Social Sciences Research

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    Volume 7 Number 2 June 2022

Project-Based Learning: An Innovative Experience in Training Pharmaceutical Services of Villa Clara, Cuba

Pages: 52-59
Authors: Yanira Zaita Ferrer, Julio Leyva Haza, Rigoberto Fimia Duarte*, Yusimí Guerra Véliz, Ricardo Osés Rodríguez
The teaching-learning process is greatly enriched when the motivation of students is achieved, so that they show greater interest in learning and are allowed to interact with others in being, knowing and doing, where they constantly ask questions, are amazed and can seek solutions to increasingly complex problems of their school and professional environment. To this end, it is necessary to propose a Project Based Learning methodology based on an optional program for the initial training of the Short Cycle Higher Technician in Pharmaceutical Services, during the 2022 course that contributes to the achievement of professional competences and knowledge management of the future graduate of Pharmaceutical Services of the Faculty of Nursing and Health Technology. University of Medical Sciences of Villa Clara, Cuba, which will be oriented to action, interdisciplinarity and use of Information and Communication Technologies. The Project Based Learning methodology proposed in the elective program constitutes an innovative experience in the undergraduate course, with the purpose of developing skills in self-management of knowledge in students and development of professional competences.

A Critical Review of the “2021 APA [American Psychological Association] Resolution on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts”

Pages: 40-51
Authors: James E. Phelan*, Walter R. Schumm, Christopher H. Rosik
We examined the “APA [American Psychological Association] RESOLUTION on Sexual Orientation Change Efforts” (APA, 2021) and while doing so have noted several problems. The APA (2021) resolution report is largely flawed in terms of theory, logic, and science. It relies almost exclusively on sexual minority theory when many other theories might be useful. It relies upon seriously flawed logic, treating SOCE as unchanged and unimproved over the past six decades. In addition, it relies upon very weak and limited science, overlooking recent reports on SOCE outcomes, not considering effect sizes for SOCE treatments, treating correlational results as causal, and often overlooking ways of testing more complex models of SOCE. The same limitations apply to much of the material reported in APA’s book edited by Haldeman (2022a), therefore not deserving a separate review. As such, we concluded that readers of the APA (2021) resolution report or Haldeman (2022a) for that matter, would walk away with unequivocal, one-sided, and misguided information about the topic of SOCE and therefore a fact-checked critical analysis is presented.

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