Noble International Journal of Economics and Financial Research

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    Volume 6 Number 6 December 2021

Does Poverty Matters in Maternal Health and Output Growth Nexus in sub-Saharan African Countries? A Panel ARDL Approach

Pages: 119-130
Authors: Ebeh, Joy Eleojo*, Awe, Abel, Ariyo
This paper investigates the role of poverty in maternal health-output growth nexus in sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. The study employs panel autoregressive distributed lag model (PARDL) and analysed a balanced panel data covering 21 countries from 1990 to 2018. The empirical results show that the coefficient on interaction between poverty and maternal health tend to be statistically significant both in the long run and short run. Although, the direction of the impact is positive in the long run but negative in the short run. This finding emphasizes that increased consumption expenditure reduces poverty which will in turn ameliorate maternal mortality rate leading to better maternal health in the long run.

Effect of Finance Act on the Minimization of Tax Conflict and Incidence of Double Taxation in Nigeria

Pages: 110-118
Authors: Osirim, Monday
This paper examined key contentious tax issues in Nigeria and the policy implication of resolving these issues using a fiscal instrument of the Finance Act. To achieve this objective, controversial tax issues in Nigeria ranging from tax legislation to administration and tax policy matters were examined from conceptual, theoretical and empirical perspectives utilizing dual research objectives, questions, hypotheses and theoretical underpinnings. The sample size of 217from estimated population of 500 using the Krejcie & Morgan sample size table at 0.5% was used for the study. Findings show a positive but insignificant effect of the Finance Act on tax conflict minimization in Nigeria. It also showed that the Finance Act has a significant effect on prevention of incidence of double taxation   in Nigeria. It was therefore recommended that government needs to adopt conscious efforts to  amend all conflicting areas in the tax law,  plug possible loopholes by continuously reviewing and updating tax legislations in line with international best practice to ensure that the right amount of tax is remitted to Government treasury;  and there is   need to also  promote efficient  tax administration using technology so as to  help minimize reoccurring tax conflict between the tax authorities and the tax payers as well as prevent double taxation of taxpayers.

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