Noble International Journal of Agriculture and Food Technology

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    Volume 2 Number 2 February 2020


Pages: 08-15
Authors: Amitabh Shuva Chakma, Md Shahidul Islam*, Sarder Md Shahriar Alam, AZM Shafiullah Prodhan
The research work was conducted to study the effect of age of seedlings and spacing on the performance of transplanted aus rice cv. BR3 at the Agronomy Field Laboratory of Bangladesh Agricultural University. Four seedling ages, viz. 10, 15, 20 and 25 days and four spacing viz. 15 cm ? 15 cm, 20 cm ? 15 cm, 25 cm ? 15 cm and 30 cm ? 15 cm were included as experimental treatments. Three replications were conducted through a randomized complete block design. The study revealed that the seedling age had significant influence on the various characters under study except number of non–effective tillers and 1000-grains weight. The highest number of effective tillers hill-1 (13.10), number of grains panicle-1 (136.39), the highest grain yield (4.80 t ha-1) found from the treatment 25-day old seedlings. The minimum number of non-effective tillers hill-1 (3.59), sterile spikelet panicle-1 (21.42) and lowest straw yield (6.88 t ha-1) were also recorded from the same treatment. Spacing also showed significant effect on the studied characters except panicle length and 1000-grains weight. The highest number of effective tillers hill-1 (11.95), number of filled grain panicle-1 (133.38) and highest grain yield (5.15t ha-1) also found in 15 cm ? 15 cm spacing. From the result, it may be suggested that 25- day old seedlings with 15 cm ? 15 cm spacing could be the best possible combination for the transplanted Aus rice cv. BR3 for obtaining higher yield.

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